Mitchell James White [Remembering is Good]

Now that the semester, finals and the work trip to my brothers in Indiana is over I can return to posting somewhat regularly.
This last Monday marked the fourth year since our son Mitchell passed away at birth.
I woke up that day feeling lousy but not knowing why.
I had slept very badly the night before and at first I attributed my feelings to that.
But as the coffee had even less effect than usual I settled in for a tough day.
Then Jaime reminded me what the date was.
I know that May 10 is my sons birthday but the rush of an ending semester, exams, my paternal grandmothers death and a trip to Indiana to help my brother and sister get there new home in working order caused me to loss track of the date.
I was just moving from one day to the next.
At that moment of remembrance it all made sense.
Finally my brain caught up with my emotions.
I never got to experience my sons life outside of his mother's womb, but I had so much hope and joy that his death left an enduring emotional mark upon me.
I felt what day it was, without knowing it.
In a culture that places knowledge on such a high pedestal, this week I was reminded that our emotions can be smarter sometimes.
I remember my son, I remember my hope, and I remember the joy of his life and the pain of our loss.
I remember all of the family, friends and strangers who offered their hope and encouragement during that time.
Remembrance is good.
It has a way of resettling us and refocusing us.
May your times of remembrance be good and may the chaos of your temporary circumstance not make you forget to remember.