Tim Coons: Enter the Worship Circle [Music is Good]


Awesome news! I’ll be doing an album with Enter the Worship Circle- an independent record company that produces amazing worship music. 
I’ll be the fourth artist they’ve had in the series called “Chair and Microphone”. It’ll be an intimate, solo-performance worship album of original music written from the Psalms. The release of “Chair and Microphone Volume 4” is tentatively set for June.
I was first introduced to Tim's music last spring, via KJ Tencza.
I instantly fell in love with his music and bought his album The Deadly Sins and the Beatitudes.
I listened to it countless times on my commute to school over the last year.
Just one week ago I was had the privilege of meeting and working with Tim as we constructed the service for Debbie's funeral (see the post A Truly Good Obituary).
Over the two days I was able to spend with him I found good conversation, shared interests and man who was keenly interested in his friends.
I am excited about Tim's signing with Enter the Worship Circle and look forward to the release this summer.
Also Tim is looking for opportunities to do House Concerts around the country and if it can be worked out I would love to bring him to Lancaster and/or Millersburg sometime this summer or fall. 
Visit Tim's website, become a fan on Facebook, and buy his music, because Tim's music is good!

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